Thursday, May 25, 2006

On Course at Shenton Way

I have always enjoy going for computer courses like Excel,Word or Powerpoint. This is the 3rd year running that i have participated. So for the next 2 days , i will probably be slacking through. I like the fact you get to hone your blogging skills and surf unlimited internet in class. Computer courses are easy to learn and stress-free. there's 3 legal tea breaks during the day and a long lunch too. and to top it all off..u get to go back early too. Nice.. = )

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- Solarstone - Like a Waterfall (DJ Tiesto In search of sunrise)

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Passport!!

Finally...received the notice to get my new passport...the application wait was pretty short though..about 3 days.. figuring when i am goin to get my passport considering the work schedule i have..
Work is getting more hectic nowadays that it is wearing me down..really hope to go for a short break overseas to recharge myself..

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Sunday, July 31, 2005

End of my In-Camp Training

Finally...My annual duty as a NS men has been fufilled for this year..with more to come..
hmmn..3 weeks seemed to pass so fast once you completed it..but its eternity when you are in it..
doing security duties, taking IPPT, goin for field training, hangin out at the training shed, attending lectures and sleeping in bunk are all part of the norm we gave to go through army..1 thing definitely holds true..(whatever we do, we are always rushing to wait, then waiting to rush)
everybody is bitching that being in camp is very 'xian'...counting down the days..7,6,5,4,3,2, out-processed
but i am sure we do enjoy each other company while getting stuck in camp.
nevertheless its good to see my old kakis once again..hope to be able to do another update when i have time..

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Monday, June 27, 2005

Movie of Last Week - Initial D

Caught Initial D over the weekend..what can i say...its one movie i've been waiting for a long time..definitely impressed by the racing scenes..Drifting AE86, Skyline, Evo IV, RX7 along the twisty Mt Akina and another funny scene involving Chapman To using his Dad's van to try and race Shawn's skyline...what a laugh... =p
the spark of the movie came from both Anthony Wong and Chapman To..who came up with their usual comedic moments..
Jay chou was natural, funny at times to bring out the character of Takumi..and both Shawn Yue and Edison Chen provided good supporting roles to the movie. One minus point - the Love story between Jay and Anne Suzuki seems to give the audience ???? ...could be that they are goin to do a sequel to it...who knows..anyway it was definitely worth goin to see the movie..try catch it if you can...

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

10 Essential Drive of your life!!

What would the world be without cars..?? Henry Ford came up with the very first Model T earlier last century and the world never look back..
Here are my 10 essential drive in no order of preference:

- Ferrari 360 Spider
- Lamborghini Gallardo
- Subaru STI WRX
- Mitsubishi Lancer EVO
- Audi RS4
- Aston Martin Vanquish
- Nissan Skyline GTR
- Honda Integra Type R
- BMW M3
- Porsche 911 GT2

and 5 others which nearly made it to my top 10 list
- Holden Monaro GTO
- Mazda RX8
- Toyota Supra
- Hummer H2
- Lotus Exige

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Music makes the world sounds better!!

Can't imagine the world without would be this boring and dull journey where one just grow old and die..
With music..things are definitely different..

Yes i do have a preference in music..trance music like the ones below remained priority..(although i do like other genres of music too..)
Listening to these trance tracks on the way to work in the bus/train makes my journey feel so blissful!! = )
If you have time, try to get the songs and have a listen..

Andain - Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden mix)
Motorcycle - As the rush comes in
Way Out West - Mindcircus
Oceanlab - Sky falls down (Armin van Buuren mix)
Oceanlab - Beautiful together (Signum remix)
Oceanlab feat Justine Suissa - Satelite
Armin Van Buuren - Burned with desire
Agnelli & Nelson - Holding on to nothing
Marco V feat Lesly Hendriks - I feel you (Paul Van Dyk remix)

Monday, April 11, 2005

Gabriel & Dresden at Zouk (9/4/2005)

It's been a long time since i attended a good club nite. Keeping my hopes high for this duo who have been the driving force behind good laidback trance music. and boy..they sure didn't disappoint..pumping out song after song that drive the crowd wild..when they drop Andain's Beautiful was definitely a sight to behold.. = ) too bad..i din't manage to stay till the end.cuz i have to go to the cemetery the next morning..anyway.hopefully more trance DJ will visit our shores soon..

Met some new friends on Saturday too..a group of French guys and girls who were sort of like expats working here and i presume they would probably be earning very comfortable salary..damn.wish i were like to a different country..soaking into new culture and enjoying every single min of their stay..

Anyway a conversation with one of the guys goes like this:

Me: So..where do you work??
Him: Alicopter company..
Me: Huh?? what?? copter??
Him: Airlycopter!!!
Me: sorry??? u mean helicopter?? is there such a company here??
Him: Yess...its french owned company @#$#@$^&$!!
Me: what do you do there??
Him: $!$#@customer service%%#$^$^^!!!
Me with my drink: Cheers!!!

It was probably too noisy to catch what he was trying to say..hopefully will be able to catch up with them real soon.. = )

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

After Lunch Snacks...

It been quite frustrating for the past 2 days when i went to buy my after lunch snacks...
This is what happened...

Tuesday - Golden Shoe Hawker Centre
- After finishing my minced meat noodles..i had an urge to get a popiah for snack..looking across to the popiah stall, there was one lady waiting for her food..i quickly dashed across to order my one popiah ($1) from the the hot sweltering heat and poor ventilation of the place..i realised that the lady had ordered 20 popiah..!!!!..damn..standing there and sweating profusely..waited 10 mins before i got my snack..

Wednesday - Coffeeshop near Cecil street
- same thing happened to me again!!! wanted to buy a peanut pancake..then this time another lady infront of me ordered 20 pancake..

Guess i just have to probably go for a course on how to wait and queue for my food (learning the virtue of patience!!)
Hmmn..i won't believe it will be 3 times in a row..will try again tomorrow..

oh..i will be going for an interview with an insurance company tomorrow in the afternoon (not as an agent ok??) me luck!!.ya??

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Monday, February 28, 2005

Seeking greener pastures and brighter sunshine!

Ahhh...the last day of february...thought i should write something to reflect this month..
By the time i wrote this...2 of my best friends Ivan and Su-lin had already head down south to this little continent called Australia in search for what i called a brighter sunshine and a brand new life with so much promising things to look forward to...i really wished them the best..its an amazing life experience which will definitely be something nobody can take away from them..
Yup..I have been through that before..the most splendid 4 years of my life in Sydney..the excitement, the anxiety, the curiousity, the fear, the loneliness, the romance, the sleepless nights..all encompassing to be this incredibly great guys...have a great time there...just remember to live it and love regrets!

Back at work...3 of my colleagues..had also decided to seek greener pastures..while i am still feeding on old seemed to be the season where "throwing the letter" to our bosses is the "in" rejection after rejection have seriously dampened my mood to even bother to try..but i also do not want to get stuck in this field forever...being pro-active could be one little step to big success...Siow Wei told me in the afternoon, " leave for what you want to do..not leave for the sake of leaving..if you think you have outgrown this place..its time to go..try hard and you will succeed.." yupz..thanks for the advice...

meanwhile...i guess..staying in my company will just be this learning curve in working life which i will appreciate later....

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Friday, January 28, 2005

Lomography Cam and Bangkok!!

Finally got my Lomo camera fixed today at Liang Seah st..after 6 months of delay..
Oh..and the staff was really kind enough to replace my camera for a new one. she even explained the techniques of using it.
cool..!! I can use it again...
Just finished packing my stuff because i off to Bangkok this evening...
Will be there for the weekend..
See everybody when i get back next week...Cheers...!! = )

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Monday, January 10, 2005

Terrific Taipei!

After Tsunami swept across the Indian ocean and thus postponed my trip to Thailand (mom and dad wasn't comfortable with us going!), My Bro, Ivan and me didn't feel like getting stuck in Singapore and thus agreed to go Taipei for the new year. It was planned 48 hours before we left. Managed to get 3 seats on Jetstar Asia to Taipei at $400 each. (which i thought was reasonable, until the prices has dropped 50% few days back! Shit..!!) Nevermind, i still had a wonderful holiday in Taipei, spending most of my time eating and of cuz doing other things as well.Weather was also pretty bad during those time i was there(5deg for 3/4days) no sun until the last day of my's ok...hope to get some photos out soon..meanwhile here's a summary.

Duration of Trip:
Dec 30, 2004 - Jan 3, 2005

Places Visited:
Shihlin Market (good food at cheap prices - oyster omelette, duck blood soup, chicken cutlet, Pork blood cake, braised pork rice, oyster mee sua etc..)
XinBeitou (Taiwanese Hot Spring - had a good spa-sperience there, good way to detox your body from excessive alcohol)
Ximen ting (supposedly trendy place for the young but look more like a mega far east plaza to me..)
Zhongxiao Dong Road (like orchard rd but more spread out in term of spaces)
Snake Alley (names says it all, place where people can eat snake meat, drink snake blood and soup..yuks!!)
Lungshan Temple - historical place where the typical tourists visited

Clubs Visited:
Ministry of Sound,Taipei (was there on NY day for Danny Howells, impressive place but too big and insufficient crowds)
Club Luxy (one of the best clubs i visited, besides Home in Sydney, celebrated NYE there, fanastic time but drinks to pricey)

Hotels stayed:
Holiday Inn (recommended for future stay, convenient to shopping, nice room)
Imperial Hotel (a bit too squeezy for 3 of us, but close to food market)

Transport used:
MRT - Taiwanese called it "Jie Yun" cheap way to move around (people actually queue to get into train, so orderly!!!)
Taxi - rest assured that you won't be ripped off by them

Taiwanese are very friendly, several times we got lost around the city but got help from them willingly.. = )
And yes..its true, guys and girls on the streets in Taipei look like they come straight out of Taiwanese Drama serials

Other misc:
7eleven and other similar styled convenience store - good place to get souvenirs..haha!! but seriously.its true
Fnac - Taiwanese version of Borders
Taiwanese Pasar Malam near Shihlin market - Good place to walk around, and there's even a gun!!
Street hawkers has the best food in town, don't bother going fast food restaurants..
Rose Records - their version of HMV

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Finlayson Green - The New Office

Its been a week since i move over to the new office..things are so different now..the whole of backend CS department is located on the mezzanine level of Finlayson Green..there's probably about 30 staff and managers there..gone are the days when the 6 of us from the autonomous CY department would laugh as loud as we want..come in late for work and leave early as well, go for tea break and etc....

Now with many evil managerial eyes lurking around, its becoming seamingly hard to do anything without being noticed..guess will have try and be as inconspicuous as possible..luckily we do have a back door to get out..but will first have to navigate through 4 doors, 1.5 storey of steps, another door before getting out of the least its better than none..that's what i usually do if i want to go home and my managers are still hanging around..hope i don't have to do it soon..that's if i do get a new job..

Still sending my resumes regularly..hoping to hit the jackpot..already got 2 rejection letters (how demoralising!!) and numerous non responses..but if you never never know..(crossing my fingers..!!)

Bought a $20 bet for a Chelsea win tonight..Lets see if my investments will turn into winnings..or lunch for the rest of the week at Golden Shoe Hawker centre...

Current mood: down with the pre monday blues..

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Going to Koh Samui!! soon..that is...

ahhh...Finally...i have got my air tickets to Koh Samui after me and Ivan decided to book online instead of going through travel agent..he was actually out in the afternoon trying to get it..but it was i got him to pick me up from my office and come to my place to book online..tried bangkok airways website..but the stupid booking engine was would have been much cheaper if we could book through ended up at zuji website..where we managed to get 3 seats (my bro is going as well!) to Koh Samui..and that was from had to go Tiger Airways to get air tickets from Singapore to Bangkok..well..everything its done now..except for the accomodation..Arun is actually going to fix that up for us...anywayz..

The summarised trip is as follows:

28 Dec 2004 - Singapore to Bangkok (Tiger Airways)
29 Dec 2004 - Bangkok to Koh Samui (Bangkok Airways)
2 Jan 2004 - Koh Samui to Bangkok (Bangkok Airways)
3 Jan 2004 - Bangkok to Singapore (Tiger Airways)

Ticket costs - $498 per person/

Accommodation costs- Yet to be calculated..( going to be an expensive trip..!!)

Headcount for this Koh Samui trip - 3 from Singapore, 6 mates from Bangkok, 2 from Melbourne and 1 from Turkey..
Yupz..its goin to be massive with all my mates around celebrating the New Year in Samui..can't wait man... = )

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Drink of the month - Malibu Pineapple

Monday, November 15, 2004

Armin Van Buuren at Zouk

On a breezy friday night, it looks like a good time to party at zouk..Who else but the ever amazing Armin Van Buuren who will be gracing his presence here in Singapore..tried (and i really did tried!)to gather my friends to go down but none of them decided to turn up which i felt was pretty disappointing..(don't say i didn't ask..) Doesn't matter..the show will still go on..Thankfully, a mate of mine from Sydney was in town for a few days and was also pretty keen on there it was..just the two of us..a few jugs of drinks, plenty of small talk and awesome music..f$^%$& was one of the best night i ever had..

Between 12 to 4 am..
12am..crowds building up and almost unwalkable at times..opening DJ was impressive

1am...This time Armin was at the DJ console and everybody was shoving forward to catch a glimpse of him..when he tune down the music, chants of "Armin..Armin" was voiced in unison..what a moment..not even tenaglia could rival the atmosphere.. the midst of trance music pumping in the background, a group of people walked past me, one of the girls was wearing heels and stepped on me..ouch!!my god!! i think it almost shattered my little toe..then a comment came from this 2 girls who were giggling and dancing next to me.."Don't worry, we are wearing flats.." Thanks = ) but i think the damage has been done..

3am... saw TJ and his friends when i was down on the was still packed at this time..and the music was getting even better..My mate had actually disappeared cuz he was trying to chat up with this cute Singaporean girl whom i saw earlier... you know know..he came back disappointed.."Hui Lam..she has a boyfriend..why do all the nice girls have boyfriends?"..hmmn.i wish i could tell you but..that's reality..and it sucks right>??

Finally..Took him for teochew porridge before sending him home to end a really good night..

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